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I am a Polish Master certified court interpreter for the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. I am a nationwide accredited medical interpreter and a translator. My company provides comprehensive language services in the English - Polish language combination. I am a fully bilingual and fully bicultural interpreter with many years of experience you can trust. For more information or a free quote please call me at 201-757-9159 or send a message through the above Contact Me section.


I started providing community and medical interpreting in 2002. Since I received my Master certification from the Administrative Offices of the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Courts as well as my court certification from the Unified Court System of New York in 2014, I have been successfully assisting courts, government agencies, attorney offices, agencies, hospitals, and medical clinics with onsite and telephonic interpreting in the following areas: ● Immigration Court proceedings ● Supreme and State Court hearings and trials ● Workers' Compensation hearings ● arbitrations ● depositions ● sworn statements ● mediations ● attorney-client conferences ● medical evaluations ● government agency hearings. I also provide conference ● business ● escort interpreting and am willing to travel anywhere in the world to get to my assignment.

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The privilege of being a one person company is that I get the pleasure of dealing with every client directly. All of my stakeholders receive an adequate amount of my time and so do their projects. I specialize in legal, business, and medical translations, including but not limited to the following: ● birth/marriage/death certificates ● school and college diplomas/transcripts ● legal contracts and agreements ● patents ● medical test results and reports ● various brochures ● driver's license ● court orders ● government issued documents. I am approved by the Motor Vehicle Agency of New Jersey to provide translation of any documents required by their application processing system.



My adventure with transcription commenced in 2004 when, as a novice paralegal, I had to transcribe legal documents from a machine called a dictaphone. I had no choice, though, because securing that particular job position entailed a savvy use of the dictaphone. That is the reason why transcription projects are close to my heart and I handle them from start to finish in a very efficient way. The only thing you have to provide to me is a raw material, i.e. a tape or a video, and I will transform it into a written text very fast and effectively. So far, I have successfully transcribed about 500 hundred minutes of tape recordings related to various domestic violence cases.

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